Did you know that thinking of how to solve Sudoku has number of benefits? According to Jeff HS Keow, 64 Sudoku expert and author of “Thinking out of the Block with Sudoku”, the puzzle is for everybody, as it can develop and improve one’s mental skulls, creativity, and attitude.

Here are few of the good things Sudoku challenge has for you:

Critical thinking. Logic is the key to solving the puzzle. As you make it a habit, your ability to think critically improves.

Patience. You get such a nice feeling as you complete the puzzle. However, patience is needed to outsmart the tricky challenge. Also, temperament is one thing that develops in you as you get to more advanced levels.

Focus. Focus is important to get every number into its right box. Studies show that short attention span is improved as you make Sudoku part of your everyday habit.

Creativity. Since you want to finish the challenge the fastest way possible, you then think of ways on how to do it. That’s where your creative juices kick in. The more you think of ways to solve Sudoku, the more you develop your right brain.