So, you like the song that your friends are playing and you’re dying to have a copy of that catchy tune. How you wish that they’re playing it through their celphone and they could Bluetooth it to you. But they’re not. Well, it’s ok if they’re playing it with their mp3 player or their psp, you could just copy the file to a computer and paste it in your player. But they’re not. And you see one thing that gives you the biggest frown that day, they’re playing it through their ipod.

The ipod isn’t bad per se, in fact it’s one of the most well loved players these days. But there is one thing about the ipod that not every one loves – it’s not the best with music transfer. You have to be well-versed in hacking things just to extract a single song from an ipod to another system.

Good thing there is this new item called miShare. What the miShare does is it enables you to transfer a song from an ipod to another ipod without the hassle of syncing the original mp3 to the new ipod.

Everything from songs to movies to photos can now be transferred from one ipod to another. Even a whole playlist can be copied to the other music player. Ipod touch and Iphone users will not be able to enjoy this gadget yet but the developers are looking into further improving this product.

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