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On September 20, 2015, the world’s most loved plumber brothers celebrated their 30th anniversary.

Yes kids, Mario Mario and Luigi Mario have been around for 30 years. Your parents grew up with this dynamic duo; maybe even your grandparents go to enjoy them on the Nintendo Gameboy gadgets three decades ago.

Thirty years and the game is still being enjoyed by families worldwide. To celebrate this milestone, Nintendo launched Let’s Super Mario! A collaborative effort that produced the two-minute compilation of selected personalized Super Mario-themed videos made by fans of the game from all over.

But this is more than just a fan video collage of sorts; it was made for a cause, as a way for Nintendo to give something back. The Super Mario Nintendo website says: “We would like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who participated in Let’s Super Mario! We are overwhelmed by the joy and enthusiasm shown in each one of these videos and by everyone who took the time to watch and share them. It also helps Operation Smile, a group dedicated to helping children live healthy happy lives, making Super Mario Bros. 30th anniversary celebration even more special. We’ll continue to bring fun and exciting Super Mario content to fans around the world, and we thank you for your continued support.”