It’s been on the news, on social media, and some folks in your local pub may have been talking about it as well. You may have even taken out your gadgets and tried (unsuccessfully) to capture the beauty of the red-colored gargantuan moon.

 Well, before we head on to the semi-geeky discourse on last Sunday’s supermoon, here is a gorgeous picture of the partially eclipsed supermoon as it occurred over Las Vegas in the US, courtesy of BBC.

Going back to our semi-geeky discourse, a supermoon occurs when the Earth’s natural satellite is at perigee- that point when the moon is closest to Earth during orbit. The supermoon is not actually the rarest of things, but what really makes September 27, 2015 special is that the supermoon coincides with the full moon and a lunar eclipse.

 The result? The  breath-taking sight of a full moon, seen 14% larger than its usual size, with a tint of red. To the romantics out there: don’t you think it is time to take out your quill and create your personal love sonnet?

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