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Google-Pac Man made employees unproductive

Last week, Pac Man celebrates his 30th anniversary, and Google, in homage to the blob chomping hero had a fully playable version of the game available on its webpage. On the third weekend of May, many computer users were hearing a pitchy monotone that once they left their screen on Google for too long. And […]

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Pac Man celebrates 30

Today, May 22, 2010 a humble video game was released. A yellow disc with a pie slice was introduced to the world by Namco Bandai, his name was Puck Man, but sooner or later his name will change to something friendlier to the ears. The game is now called Pac Man A few years after […]

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Going Retro

Remembering the good ol’ days is always fun. And when feeling nostalgic, there’s only one way to get rid of that wistfulness—relive the old school and get into a retro mode! Bringing back the past might be next to impossible, you may think. But Gadgetepoint is making things possible for you. We have wide array […]

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