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2-in-1 Turbo Z RC Car

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About 2-in-1 Turbo Z RC Car

Size doesn’t always matter. The 2-in-1 Turbo Z radio-controlled car is a good example – it surprisingly packs endless hours of fun in its little frame. Aside from the usual forward direction that any RC car can do, the Turbo Z can perform other actions such as a wheelie, pop up, turbo rotate, and turbo spin. It can also run a full circle or follow a rectangular path easily. And when your fingers become sore from pressing the controls, you can leave the Turbo Z in demo mode to run the built-in program functions.  


Radio control for forward and turn
Programmable, up to 32 steps in one run including demos
Radio control supersedes programming actions
Three styles available: Chaser, Vango, and Scout
Ages 5 and up


Not available


RC Turbo Z vehicle
Battery drawer (for 3 AAA batteries)
Instruction manual

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