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About 20Q

Forget about phoney psychics – unlike them, this game can definitely read your mind. The 20Q game uses the neural-network (very similar to the map of the human brain) to guess what you are thinking – and it is correct most of the time (it’s almost creepy!).  An average human brain churns out around a hundred trillion synaptic connections. 20Q’s online version doesn’t even come close with only about 10,000,000 synaptic connections, and the pocket version only has about 250,000, but it seems like that’s all that 20Q needs to read your mind!

Buy it for your eight year old daughter or for your 60 year old grandmother – this toy is guaranteed to be amusing to all ages. You can also carry it around your bag so you can amuse yourself while waiting at the doctor’s clinic or while waiting for your flight. Warning: You may need to buy more than one for the household, if you don’t want your kids fighting over who goes next.


A variety of questions
Handy and interesting game that remains entertaining for hours
Fun for all the family
Safe to use for children aged 8 and up
Runs on two AAA batteries


2.4” x 6” x 8.8”
Weight: approx 146 g


Two AAA batteries

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