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3 Colour Flame

3 Colour Flame

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About 3 Colour Flame

Have some fun with color with a 3 Colour Flame Lighter, and light your cigarette with a red, green, or blue flame.  This lighter has a sleek and stylish cast steel body and a barrel that allows you to change the color of the flame. It has a refillable and transparent gas chamber with blue LED lights to make the chamber highly visible.  The 3 Colour Flame lighter is a neat gift idea and a sure hit in the bar! It even has a windproof jet flame for use outdoors or on a windy day.


Stainless steel body
Turning barrel that selects one of three colours
Three colour lames - Choice of Red, Green or Blue
Blue LED in transparent gas chamber
Wind proof Jet Flame
Refillable lighter


7.5cm long


1 Three-Colour Flame Lighter

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