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316 Wallet Essentials Mirror

316 Wallet Essentials Mirror

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About 316 Wallet Essentials Mirror

For a sleek and stylish mirror that you can bring with you anytime, the 316 Wallet Essentials Mirror is a good choice. With this stainless steel mirror that is as thin as a credit card, you can check out your good looks anytime, anywhere, without being too obvious. The 316 Wallet Essentials is made of tough polished stainless steel and is small enough to fit easily into your pocket, but big enough for you to retouch your makeup or fix your hair . It is useful for the ladies, as well as the gentlemen who need to look good all day.  This handy wallet mirror can also work as a device for flashing Morse code messages in times of crisis.       


0.5 mm Polished Stainless steel
Display card packaging
As thin as a credit card
Small enough to fits into a credit card compartments of a wallet


85mm x 54mm


1 316 Wallet Essentials Mirror

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