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35mm Color Negative 400 Film- 3Pack

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About 35mm Color Negative 400 Film- 3Pack

Lomography is known for its over-saturated colors, exposures, flares, and blurs, or what they call as "happy accidents". No need to make your photos look perfect, lomography is all about imperfections. However, fast subjects and low lights still often call for film that has better ISO capabilities than a standard film, without sacrificing the very effects and colors that lomography is all about. With an ISO of 400, this 35mm Color Negative 800 Film Pack is just what lomographers need if they want to capture movement and action under bright daylight. Now you can take your plastic toy cameras to some real lomography action.


Time: negative
Color: color
Size: 35mm
ISO: 400
Exposures: 36 (each roll)


 35mm Color Negative 400 Film - 3 Packs

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