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3D Sudoku Challenge Cube

3D Sudoku Challenge Cube

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About 3D Sudoku Challenge Cube

Sudoku is fast catching up with crossword puzzles as a favorite staple in hundreds of newspapers around the globe. The secret of Sudoku is how interesting it gets as you progress. Now in 3D (cube) version, it gets even more exciting. This transparent cube opens up so that game cards can be put inside. A set contains 60 game cards and comes with a wipeable pencil and a desk stand. A refreshing change from solving Sudoku in pen and paper, the 3D Sudoku Challenge Cube promises endless hours of Sudoku fun.


One transparent cube that can accommodate game cards
Wipeable game cards for endless game repeats


Not available


One 3-D Sudoku Challenge Cube
60 game cards
Wipeable pencil
Desk stand

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