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Aero Jex Plane

Aero Jex Plane

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About Aero Jex Plane

This incredibly simple yet highly amusing flying electric plane is a great gift for boys and men, no matter how old. Unlike most electric flying planes, the Aero Jex Plane does not require a runway – you can actually make it fly by hand. Its amazing design enables it to glide through the air precisely and swiftly. Easily manoeuvrable, this electric plane is a great introduction to more complicated models.  Each flight lasts up to 10 minutes. Just recharge it using the optional remote control for five minutes, and you’re good to go again.


Made form the latest complex compound materials that make it very flexible, strong, and lightweight
Can withstand serious crashes
Fast charging
Long flying time
Great for kids ages 8+


Wingspan: 55 cm


One Aero Jex Plane
Integral charger/ transmitter
Rechargeable battery

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