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Bedlam Cube Platinum

Bedlam Cube Platinum

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About Bedlam Cube Platinum

If you thought the Rubik’s Cube was the ultimate 3D puzzle, think again. There is now an even more perplexing version, and it’s called the Bedlam Cube Platinum. This very British puzzle exudes elegance from its silver style pieces. The Bedlam Cube Platinum may seem unsolvable at first, but there are actually about 19,186 solutions to it.

The Bedlam Cube Platinum is perfect for when you have to kill time waiting for your ride, on rainy days when nothing good is on TV, and even when you want way to spend quality family time. This intelligent toy allows you to bond with your kids while teaching them to improve their 3D skills and abilities.


Durable pieces
13 distinct geometric shapes


(H) 9.8cm x (W) 9.8cm x (D) 9.8cm


One Bedlam Cube Platinum

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