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Black Ghost Micro IR Controlled Helicopter

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About Black Ghost Micro IR Controlled Helicopter

The most stable micro helicopter there is, the Black Ghost is the latest RC helicopter in the Bladerunner series. It can fly up, down, left and right, all whilst moving forward at a constant rate. Extremely lightweight, and easy to fly due to its dual contra-rotating main rotors, the Black Ghost is great for flying indoors. The infrared remote control gives it a range of up to 10m (30ft) and also doubles as a charger. The Black Ghost is available on two infrared bands so two units can be flown at once. You know what that means – helicopter dogfight!

Extremely stable flight
Tough lightweight body
Bright LED search light
Helicopter charges from the hand-held controller
Suitable for indoor use
Highly maneuverable
Easy-to-fly: no experience necessary
Biased for continuous forward movement
Full altitude and directional control
Helicopter battery: internal rechargeable Lithium Polymer
Charger: built into transmitter
Charging time: 20-30 minutes
Flight duration: up to 10 minutes
Control: two channel precision throttle and yaw (right/left)
Flight range: 10 meters (30 feet)
Band: available on band A and B
Requires 6 x AA alkaline batteries

Length: 160mm
Main rotor diameter: 140mm
Tail rotor diameter: 30mm
Weight: 16g

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