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Breathcheck Personal Alcohol Test

Breathcheck Personal Alcohol Test

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About Breathcheck Personal Alcohol Test

Not sure if you're safe to drive after having a few glasses of wine? Hedge a possible DUI offense by testing yourself with Breathcheck Personal Alcohol Test before taking the wheel.  This is a digital device that operates similarly to tests used by the police.  It provides an instant and accurate reading of the level of intoxication and alcohol content in your body simply by testing your breath. It is portable, lightweight, and uses two triple-A batteries.  Keep it in your car or in your pocket.      


LCD display for accurate readings
Battery powered
Auto shut-off to conserve battery power
Alcohol reading displayed as %BAC, ‰ BAC or mg/l 
Hygienic and simple to operate
One Year Warranty


90mm x 30mm x 17mm
Weight 43g


Digital Personal Alcohol Breath Tester
Wrist Strap

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