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Candy Grabber

Candy Grabber

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About Candy Grabber

A Candy Grabber is probably the most amusing way to keep from binging on chocolates and candies.  It's a great diet control method and a fun way to distract yourself in the office during idle time. It looks just like those Grabbers you see in carnivals and fairs, where you try to desperately pick up a cute little stuffed toy; except that this is a mini version that can sit on your desktop and hold all your favorite candies. It's so exhausting to try picking up just one candy that you may just end up giving up on it and stick to your diet after all.


A fairground-style desktop Candy Grabber
A claw that you maneuver to grab your candies
Three joystick style controls for moving the grabber
Music that lasts for one minute and fifteen seconds to indicate your running time
Includes a bag of fake coins
A slot to fill the machine with goodies
Recommended for ages 5 years and up
Requires 3 x C Batteries (not included)


Size: 32 x 21 x 16cm


1 x Candy grabber machine
1 x Bag of fake coins

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