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About Carabineer

The TU18 T.R.U.E - LED Carabineer is the ultimate boy scout of tools. It can be used as a back pack clip, a keychain, a handy flashlight, and a handy bottle opener.  This carabineer is 7.2 cm long and has a rubber push button for turning on a super bright LED keylite. It has an aluminum alloy body for durable strength and a carabineer style clip (the same style used by mountain climbers as a connector to hold a rope). Plus, it also works as a handy bottle opener!  It's a simple gadget with a number of uses – of you are creative enough, you may be able to find another use for it!       


Super bright LED keylite
Rubber push button
Aluminum alloy body
Carabineer style clip
Handy bottle opener
Choice of 3 Bulb colors: red, blue, or white
Includes 2 x button cell batteries


7.2 cm long


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