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CD Maxi Tin

CD Maxi Tin

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About CD Maxi Tin

With the advent of MP3 players, iPods, and downloadable music, your CD collection is probably collecting dust somewhere in some CD rack or CD organizer in your room or up in the attic. You don't want to throw them away of course – they'll prove to be valuable someday, just like old music records.  But to keep them in mint condition, you have to store them right.  With the CD Maxi tin, you can keep your CDs safe and in good condition for years and years to come. The CD Maxi is a utility box made from tough and durable tin made especially for CD storage, plus it's good looking too. So you don't need to hide them all the way up the attic. You can simply store it on top of your closet so that you can easily retrieve it from time to time.  


Can store up to 30 CD cases
Tough and durable
Good looking
Comes with a handles on both sides-- easy to carry


Not available


1 CD Maxi Tin

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