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Chemical Salt And Pepper Shaker

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About Chemical Salt And Pepper Shaker

Can’t find the perfect housewarming gift for your chemistry-loving, periodic table-toting friend? Well, look no further than the Chemical salt and pepper shaker set! These minimal yet charming white ceramic shakers are not your ordinary ones. They’re each labeled with a chemical formula – NaCl for salt, and Pe+(Pe)r for pepper – okay, so Pe+(Pe)r isn’t really a chemical formula, but plain old “pepper” is just so boring. And while you’re at it, why not get yourself a set, too? Then you can invite your friends over to dinner and ask them to “please pass the NaCl”.


Ceramic salt shaker with the chemical formula NaCl
Pepper  shaker that reads Pe+(Pe)r, just for the fun of it


4.6cm (circumference), 2" (height)


1 salt shaker
1 pepper shaker