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Colorsplash Camera Chakras Edition

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About Colorsplash Camera Chakras Edition

The Colorsplash is a camera that lives up to its name – it will paint your world with splashes of gorgeous colors! Its patented colorwheel system puts several tinted flash filters at your fingertips for instant selection. And if that’s not enough for you color junkies, there are an additional nine filters included to exchange. To make magical photos, just select your filter, put it in front of the flash, and fire a burst of colored light at your subject. Experiment with long exposures to create dreamy streaked backgrounds with colorful foregrounds. The special limited edition Colorsplash Chakras Edition camera features a rubberized surface and pigeon graphics in a grey and red color scheme.

Uses regular 35mm film that can be developed anywhere

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Chakra Edition Colorsplash camera
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