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Colorsplash Chrome

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About Colorsplash Chrome

What's this? The Colorsplash Camera, all dressed up in bedazzling chrome? Please give us a minute while we hyperventilate over this awesomeness. Okay, all done. The Colorsplash Chrome is part of the limited edition Chromiacs – same cool features, but with a shinier exterior. As with the regular Colorsplash, the Colorsplash Chrome lets you repaint your world with its flash Color Wheel. Just rotate the Color Wheel and choose from the several tinted flash filters to color your subject. Snazzy, glitzy, and jazzy – that's the Colorsplash Chrome.


Uses Normal 35mm Film
Regular Film Processing At Any Lab
Flash Requires One "AA" Battery (Not Included)


15.25cm (6”) x 8.25cm (3.25”) x 3.75cm (1.5”) 


Colorsplash Camera
"Colorsplash Chakra" Photo Book
12 Reusable Color Gel Filters
Multilingual Instructions