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ConnectTV Real Swing Golf

ConnectTV Real Swing Golf

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About ConnectTV Real Swing Golf

With ConnectTV Real Swing Golf, you and three other golf buddies can play your favorite sport anytime – rain or shine, day and night. With a camera that can detect your swings using a miniclub that is custom-built to fit your living area, you can feel the same challenges that a real golf course provides, minus the sudden wind gusts that can totally put off your concentration. This toy is perfect for golf novices, and even golf addicts! Say goodbye to sleepless nights when your hand itches to feel the curves of your club and your feet ache for the feel of golf shoes over newly-trimmed grass. When you cannot get enough of golf, you know that it’s time to bring it inside the comfort of your own home – buy a ConnectTV Real Swing Golf.


Unique camera unit
Contains four game modes
Comes with a short club for swinging


Not available


one main unit with CMOS camera
short club