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Death In Venice

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About Death In Venice

The year is 1946. After a wartime break, the Venice Film Festival is once again being staged. It is meant to attract the biggest stars of world cinema to Northern Italy. Romeo Bechini, the young head of an old wealthy Venetian family, has invited some visitors to dinner. Unfortunately, before anyone can say “risotto”, one of the guests, Leonardo di Capulet, is found dead in his bath! It’s up to you and your friends to find out who killed the young actor. Everyone gets to play a certain character, and by the end of the evening, one (or more) of your friends will be caught out as the murderer! Serve up the perfect murder mystery dinner party with Death in Venice!  


For 6-8 players
Teen to adult  


Not available   


Party planner
Game rules
Place cards
Invitations and envelopes
6 Secret clues
Character booklets
CD with introduction, scene setter, summary of events, and solution to the crime

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