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Diana+ Edelweiss Edition

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About Diana+ Edelweiss Edition

Diana+ Edelweiss Edition

The special limited Diana+ Edelweiss Edition is a faithful reproduction of and a loving homage to the classic Diana. It’s like the original, but a little different. The most noticeable feature of the Diana+ Edelweiss Edition camera is its white plastic body and “Edelweiss” faceplate. It still retains the old Diana’s plastic lens, two shutter settings, three aperture settings, and manual focus, while new additions include a removable lens and super small aperture, two image formats, an endless panorama feature, and a standard tripod thread and shutter lock. Like its namesake, the Diana+ Edelweiss Edition will brighten your day.

Limited edition white plastic body and “Edelweiss” faceplate 
A loving recreation and homage to the original 1960s Diana 
The plastic fantastic Diana lens 
Two shutter speeds – “N” for normal daytime snapshots and “B” for unlimited indoor and nighttime exposures
Two image sizes – 12 full-frame square shots or 16 smaller square images 
Multiple and partial exposures 
Pinhole function with the removable lens 
Shutter lock and tripod thread 
2-Year international warranty
Uses all varieties of medium format 120 film

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Diana+ Edelweiss Edition camera (with lens cap and shutter lock)
Diana Vignettes photo and story book 

Instruction manual