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Diana F+ CMYK

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About Diana F+ CMYK

Hear ye, hear ye. The most recent addition to the Diana Clone Tradition is here: the new Diana F+ CMYK! If you loved the retro colors of Holga CMYK, you'll surely love this new version of Diana F+! Dressed in the bright colors of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key Black, this 1960-styled baby is the next collector's item to be obsessed about. It has the same goodness of the classic Diana F+, complete with its oldschool oversized flash that Diana F+ enthusiasts have known and loved, but the CMYK-drenched body sure made the whole deal sweeter. Get yourself this Diana F+ CMYK now!


Diana F+ CMYK Edition  
Diana+ Flash  
Diana Vignettes hardcover book  
Color Gel Filters  
12 & 16-shot format frames  
Shutter lock, neckstrap, lens cap 

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