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Diana Mini

Diana Mini Lomo Camera

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About Diana Mini

The Diana mini is the classic Diana F+'s little sister who has surprisingly powerful features in all its miniature glory. It comes with a wide-angle lens that allows for wide scenic shots, as well as close-up masterpieces. More so, the Diana Mini, with a flick of a switch, allows you to shift from the retro square format to a half-frame format, giving you the option to pack 72 shots in one 35mm film! Oh, and do I need to mention portability? This tiny little thing can easily fit into your tiny little pocket, allowing you to carry it around wherever you go.

Uses any 35mm film
72 shots in rectangular mode
36 shots in square mode
Compatible with Diana Flash+ (not included)
Long exposure setting
Sunny/ cloudy aperture
Tripod mount
Compatible with any cable release (not included)

Diana Mini Camera
Diana Mini "Shoot Forever" book
Instruction manual
Lens cap & neckstrap

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