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Do I Look Like A F**king People Person

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About Do I Look Like A F**king People Person

Novelty mugs don’t get any more tactless than this! Straight to the point and in-your-face, this mug screams, “Do I look like a f**king people person?” – ideal for when you are having one of those days. You know, those days when you just want to bite other people’s heads off – so it’s best that they just leave you alone. Simply place the mug where others can easily see it and let it do all the talking. That, and the big scowl on your face.

While we at Gadgetepoint are a family site and have censored the content on this product description, the actual product itself may cause offense. We will not take any responsibility whatsoever for disciplinary action or loss of employment that may result from usage of this item.

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