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Doogie Doorstopper

Doogie Doorstopper

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About Doogie Doorstopper

Here’s a pet that will remain faithful to you throughout his life (which may outlast yours, no guarantees). The Doogie Doorstopper won't roll over, sit, or stand on your command, but there's one thing that they do best: stop the door. The best thing about them is that they have no shame putting their bottoms up in the air. These adorable “Doogies” are always showing their bottoms to surprise guests and people who walk in your door (if they do get noticed).    


Comes with a flat head that can simply be simply slid under the bottom of the door
Holds the door open for everyone entering and leaving


70mm x 100mm x 45mm


1 x Doogie Doorstopper

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