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Double Sided Shocker Racing Game

Doube Sided Shocker Racing Game

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About Double Sided Shocker Racing Game

If you like the thrill of having unusual consequences when playing games (the loser drinks a whole litre of water in one go, for instance)  then you'll be thrilled to learn about the Double Sided Shocking Racer Game. The one who loses will get a shock – with a tiny jolt of electricity!  Now how thrilling is that? This little racing game has two sides, one player on each side.  The one who can race from top down without hitting the wire wins, and the one who hits the wire gets a shock, not to mention, loses.  The Double Sided Shocking game is unsuitable for anyone with a heart condition, epilepsy, or wears a pacemaker. If you are unsure, please consult a doctor. Use this toy at your own risk!    


Two player game
Tests hand steadiness and control
Fun and exciting


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1 Double Sided Shocking Racer Game

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