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Electrick Shock Lie Detector

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About Electrick Shock Lie Detector

Play "truth or lie" with a shock - quite literally - with the Shocking Liar Electric Shock Lie Detector.  Have loads of "shocking" fun with this lie detector designed to shock anyone who isn't telling the truth. 

The Shocking Liar Electric Shock is a simple tabletop device with a strap for leashing your "victim's" hand. This small device sends a small electric shock when it detects something fishy about the pulse pattern of the victim.  To use it, you will need a set of three triple-A batteries.  Although it is not always 100% accurate, it's sure to be a fun family game and a hit during parties.


Data storage for the evaluation of accumulated data - this detector becomes more accurate as more questions are asked of the victim
Hand plate with ribbed surface for better fit and grip
Velcro strap for securing the hand in place
Metal plate for sending soft electric shocks 

Comes boxed at H17cm x W17cm x L17cm.


1 electric shock lie detector

WARNING : This device as well as other electric shock products are not advised for use by people with heart problems and epilepsy. Please seek advice from your doctor if you are unsure.

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