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Fisheye Circle Cutter

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About Fisheye Circle Cutter

The Fisheye Circle Cutter lets you free your favourite photos from their linear confines. Take any square-framed picture and transform them into edgeless and boundless round images! Simply push down the red button and out pops the circle. The Fisheye Circle Cutter has extremely sharp blades which can cut all kinds of material, from newspaper to cardboard, so make sure you hide it from the kiddos! Though you can use the Fisheye Circle Cutter on any photo, it goes best with those that were taken with the Fisheye camera.

Red and blue colour
3 Sizes available: diameter 6.5cm, 8.5cm and 9.5cm
14 Extremely sharp blades prepacked

Height: 1.69”
Diameter: 3.55”
Weight: 0.12lb

Fisheye circle cutter
Blades & fotoclips

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