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Flicking The Bird

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About Flicking The Bird

Traffic can be hell sometimes, and roads are never short of crazy drivers. If you often suffer from road rage, Flicking the Bird will help you let off some steam. The next time someone cuts in front of you, you don’t have to scream or cuss to vent your anger – just squeeze the pump and let Flicking the Bird get your message across. To install, simply fix the hand on any flat surface using the two window suckers. You can also put Flicking the Bird on the back window of your car – the pump is attached to a lengthy 1.6-meter cable. Now that’s ‘handy’!

No batteries required
Not suitable for children

W 9.8cm x H 11.2cm x D 7.5cm

Flicking the Bird
Pump with 1.6-meter cable
2 Window suckers