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Flying Monkey

Flying Monkey

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About Flying Monkey

A different take on slingshots (and a much more adorable toy) is the flying monkey. This furry soft monkey has elastic arms which allow it to be catapulted over long distances. All you need to do is put two fingers on its hand pockets, pull back just like a slingshot, point upwards or to the desired direction, release it, and see it fly.   The flying monkey even has a cape and mask just like a cute little monkey superhero.  It lets out a loud monkey call whenever you shoot it up the air.  Your kids will surely have bundles of fun with this adorable toy – plus, it’s safer than slingshots.        


Soft and furry monkey stuffed toy
Elastic arms
Produces 2 loud monkey calls (battery operated)
Suitable for ages 4 and up


Approximately 30 cm long


1 Flying Monkey (Batteries supplied)

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