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Gya- Multi-Level Memory Game

Gya- Multi-Level Memory Game

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About Gya- Multi-Level Memory Game

If you grew up in the eighties, you surely remember the fun and then-futuristic game Simon, the addictive and mind-bending device featuring colored plastic and four light bulbs. Simon has just received an upgrade in the form of the Gya Ball, the perfect way to relive old-school fun. Just like Simon, it features challenging games, but this time they games are funkier, sleeker, harder, faster, and a lot more fun. It puts a 21st century twist to the much-loved game.  Addictive games challenge your memory skills, reflexes, and coordination.


Challenging and fun; strictly not for slowpokes
Pre-programmed games
12 Flashing buttons and sound effects
Requires fast finger control
Can be played on your own or with other players
Includes 5 levels of difficulty
Great for ages 5 to 12
Batteries not included, 3 x AA Required


1 Gya Ball
1 colored gift box

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