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Hip Hop Speaker Pig

Hip Hop Speaker Pig

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About Hip Hop Speaker Pig

Koreans are the best when it comes to putting a twist on everyday items. Take these new pig-shaped speakers from GNF Enterprise – with their huge eyes, bright pink body, and twisty little tails, they sure beat the old box speakers you have at home! They connect to practically any media player, including PCs, digital audio, MP3 players, DVD players and portable media devices. You can put it anywhere you like, whether it’s your desk, your bag, or your pocket. It makes a perfect companion to the other animal speakers – the Wise Owl, the dog and the frog.


Hooks up to any device (PC, MP3, DVD, etc)
Light and portable
Can stand alone for desktop use
Available in three other designs


not available


One (1) Hip Hop Speaker Pig

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