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Humvee Wall Climber

Humvee Wall Climber

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About Humvee Wall Climber

It looks like the regular R/C Humvee, but get this - it can drive up WALLS. No kidding! The Humvee Wall Climber, or the ‘Zero Gravity Wall Climber' as it is more commonly called, is voted by T3 Magazine as the "Best Boy's Toy" of 2006. And who wouldn't put this jaw-dropping vehicle that drives toward the ceiling on their Christmas wish list? The Humvee Wall Climber works using an advanced suction system with special fans that keep the it glued to the wall.  The fun doesn't end there - you can make it spin around the spot and make it exit the wall going backwards.


Air venturi Suction System that works like a vacuum cleaner
Flexible skirts around the chassis to keep the vacuum sealed
A stylish twin toggle transmitter powered by a rechargeable battery  


19.5cm(W) x 13.5cm(H) x 30cm(L)


1 Humvee Wall Climber
Twin toggle Controller with pre-installed rechargeable batteries

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