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I Love Hate Lectures Mug

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About I Love Hate Lectures Mug

Shared knowledge is perhaps the most valuable human gift.

We all know that we have to ride the information train to achieve our goals and realise our dreams.

Lectures can be a drag, but they can also be inspiring.

Sometimes we love them, some times we hate them, some times we love and hate them in equal measure.

We have all sat through lectures and played the game, whilst at the same time carrying that familiar glazed expression and dribbling helplessly on our desks. Feigning interest, whilst all the time day-dreaming of the beer garden at the local pub.

Sound familiar?

An I Love Hate lectures mug can be whatever you want it to be. It can even convey opposite emotions on the same day.

Declare your love at a distance, but your "hate" where it really matters - up close and personal!!

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