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I Love Hate My Computer Mug

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About I Love Hate My Computer Mug

We all find ourselves increasingly at the mercy of technology. More than even computers seem control our lives.

But we love them and need them too!!

Imagine life without your computer - no last minute holiday bargains, never owning those must have shoes, never again visiting those "11pm" websites when your partner is upstairs fast asleep.

Perhaps our reliance on this glorious invention explains why sometimes we find ourselves wanting to smash it into a thousand pieces.

Constant crashes, a relentless flow of spam, mindless data entry, pressure from your boss to finish that damn report.

And another thing!!! - why does your computer always seem to let me down when I need it most!!

The Love Hate My Computer mug allows you to toast your very best technological best friend or on those days when you feel the need to punish him to "rage against the machine"

It needs no rationale... it need not make sense.... It just needs to make you feel better!

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