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I Love Hate My Father-In-Law Mug

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About I Love Hate My Father-In-Law Mug

Sometimes he is your best pal, some times your nemesis, sometimes he is an overbearing pain in the back side.

He wants the best for the both of you, but why is he such a damn "know it all"
Whether it be unwanted career advice, a disagreement about football or a step by step guide to household DIY, you can always rely on your father in law to have his twopenneth.

You don't hate him of course. In fact all things considered he is a really great guy. It just that some days you wish he would remember that you are not 12 years old and now quite capable of running your own life thank you very much.

A Love Hate mug sums up these contrasting emotions perfectly and better still it's a bit of innocent humour that the whole family can share in - or if you prefer your very own private joke a "dad's" expense.
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