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I Love Hate My Husband Mug

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About I Love Hate My Husband Mug

He is your beau, your prince and even (occasionally) the object of your carnal desires…. (Yes you're right maybe not that!!!)

He may be a slob, but he is your slob!! He is your special man and even though his little “quirks” can drive you the point of distraction at times, you have accepted him for what he is…..perfectly imperfect!!!

Next time you find him glued to his armchair engrossed in the football, whilst pretending to hang on your every word… why not raise a glass (or mug in this case) to him and all of his glorious foibles.

This gift to yourself from our love hate range says everything you need to say in those moments of hair pulling frustration. You can have some fun at his expense whilst consoling yourself that all things considered you could have done a lot worse.

Who needs Brad Pitt anyway?!?! (Okay… fair point…. lets leave it at that!!!)

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