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I Love Hate My Mother-In-Law Mug

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About I Love Hate My Mother-In-Law Mug

This has to got be the world's most difficult relationship.

Some times it feels as if you have married 2 people... your wife and the "dragon"!!

You could never really hate your mother-in-law - after all she is the main reason that your beloved is here in the first place. It's just that some days you wish she would mind her own bloody business.

There are times when she will truly surprise you with her kindness and generosity - okay you got me, not very often!!!

However you feel, the love hate mug captures the spirit of theses contrasting emotions perfectly - and all within 6 inches of ceramic fun.

You know you want one and moreover you know your mother-in-law deserves to see one, whatever you decide the secret message means!

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