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I Love Hate My Wife Mug

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About I Love Hate My Wife Mug

She is your reason for living, your angel, your inspiration.... It's just some days you wonder whatever happened to the voracious tigress you walked down the aisle with.

Relationships change when we make that commitment and we all have to take a step back occasionally and cherish what we have.

It's not that you have stopped loving her, in fact if anything you love her even more and she remains the only woman you would ever wish to grow old with.

Excitement is bloody overrated anyway, isn't it?! (I almost convinced myself there) Nonetheless there are days when she drives you absolutely bloody daft

"For god sake, I will put the bins out when the football is over" - we have all said it or at least whispered it under our breath.

Why oh why must everything be done to her strict timetable?!?!

Remember we don't necessarily fear the wife, its more a quiet, reverential respect!!!

Anyway, let your lady know how you feel with a love hate mug and follow this up with a big warm hug!! At least then you can watch the match in peace!!!

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