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Inflatable Gladiator Combat

Inflatable Gladiator Combat

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About Inflatable Gladiator Combat

Sometimes, there's just no better way to settle an argument than to take it to the streets. So why not take it to the streets of Rome? Or better yet, take Rome to your streets!

The best way to settle practically any argument. Suit up for Inflatable Gladiator Combat and crush anyone who dares to challenge you. With inflatable helmets, shields, and mace, you'll definitely get into the gladiator combat feel of things in no time. Kill or be killed (without actually killing or being killed)! Perfect for families with issues – or just about anyone who needs to let off some steam.

Full instructions for the two versions of the game (mercy and point) are provided. Each version needs two gladiators and a Caesar to play as judge.


inflatable helmet, shields, and mace


2 x inflatable helmets
2 x shields
2 x inflatable mace


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