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Ireland- I Love Hate Henry Mug

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About Ireland- I Love Hate Henry Mug

Ireland missed out in the cruellest of circumstances.

Henry the cheat (allegedly) saw to that. However, no need to despair- as a nation the Irish can still take part. Tell Thierry Henry and the world what you really think about the "robbery" that took place on that fateful night in Paris.

Four long weeks of French frolics, all because of that Henry handball. It could have been so different!! 

A mug from our unofficial Ireland 2010 World Cup campaign range is the answer! We can't change history, but a good old fashioned rant always makes us feel so much better

Nail your colours very firmly to the mast and have a bit of fun at the same time.

The green, white and gold campaign starts here. Do not miss out!!

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