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Keyboard Organiser

Keyboard Organiser

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About Keyboard Organiser

Ever thought of using your keyboard as a storage space?  The keyboard organizer, a keyboard and organizer in one, allows you to do just that. The concept is so simple – it's a wonder why no one has ever thought of it before.  This neat gadget opens to reveal internal storage space where you can organize items on your computer desktop area such as pens, paper, paper clips, notes, memos, even CDs.  It's ideal for offices, college dorms, home offices, design firms, studio apartments, receptionists, legal offices, and any other place where desktop organization seems to be a problem.  It makes for a great office gift too.     


Only one-tenth of an inch thicker than the normal keyboard
Opens up to reveal an internal storage space complete with compartments
Stays open when in the full and upright position, without tipping over  


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1 Keyboard Organizer

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