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Labour- I Love Hate The Tories Mug

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About Labour- I Love Hate The Tories Mug

The general election has put politics very much at the forefront of the public psyche. The recent and extremely controversial coalition between the Tories and the Liberal Democrats has polarised opinion across the nation and is the talk of every office and factory floor from John O’Groats to Lands End.

Now after all the political wrangling’s and with an end to the seemingly endless frenzied media speculation surely it is time to have a little bit of fun.

Our range of love hate incognito political mugs allow you to nail your political colours very firmly to the mast, whilst at the same time enjoying a little gentle fun at the expense of the political establishment.

Are you a disgruntled Labour party supporter who feels betrayed by an apparent contrived coalition between the Liberal Democrats and the Tories? Perhaps you would simply like to mark your “disapproval” of the impending 5 years of Tory government each and every time you head off to the office kitchen to make that much needed hot drink.

Love Hate need not be logical or reasoned – it’s all about indulgence and making you feel better!

You may not be able to truly alter the political map, but you can at least console yourself your own very personal “political demonstration” without having to leave the comfort of your office chair.

Now that is real democracy!!

*I Love Hate "The Conservatives" version also available.

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