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Lazer Delta Kite

Lazer Delta Kite

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About Lazer Delta Kite

Gone are the days when you had to wait for good weather to be able to fly a kite. Here’s a kite that’s not just all-weather, but specifically designed for dull, dark skies! The Lazer Delta Kite can be flown during poor weather, evening, dusk, and dawn. Each Lazer kite comes with 6 flashing lights that look simply spectacular against the night sky. Powerful batteries keep the lights running for 20 hours straight, and the thin, lightweight design allows it to fly as smooth as a paper kite. Use it for parties, sleepovers, or just plain family fun. You can even fly it indoors if you want—just make sure you don’t break Mom’s favorite vases!


6 flashing lights
Up to 20 hours of use
Durable and lightweight
Bright rainbow pattern


1 x Lazer Delta Kite
1 x miniature light battery


Wingspan: 4in

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