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LC-A Krab

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About LC-A Krab

Lomography has done it again. They've resurrected and breathed new life into another analog relic from the past, and this time it's the LC-A+ Krab. Based on the original Soviet era 1980s LC-A Krab underwater housing, the new LC-A+ Krab combines the basic design and features of its predecessor with an improved high impact plastic casing and an increased depth rating. The LC-A+ Krab will take your Lomo LC-A+ 65 feet beneath the water's surface, allowing you to enjoy an otherworldly undersea Lomographic experience!

20m Depth Rating
Access to Shutter & Advance Controls
Acrylic Faceplate and Correct Metering
Classic design
Wonderful for all-weather and extreme action use too!

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LC-A under-water case
Cleaning kit