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LED Knife Light

LED Knife Light

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About LED Knife Light

You don't need to use a flashlight when using a utility knife in the dark. Instead, you can use a LED knife light. The LED knife light is a handy pocket knife that includes a push-button operated LED light that allows you to see in the dark while the blade is used. The knife has a 3.7 cm high grade stainless steel blade and a body made of robust alloy. It has a total length of 9.5 cm when opened. The LED knife light also has a keyring for fastening into bags or belts, or for use as a keychain.


Stainless steel blade
Robust alloy body
Easy grip handle
Keyring for use as keychain
Red LED light that turns on/off with a push-button


3.7 cm stainless steel blade
9.7 cm total length when open


1 LED Knife Light

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