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About Frogeye


Don’t let a little water stop you from taking awesome photos. The Frogeye is one camera that’s brave enough to go where it’s wet – be it in the rain, the bathtub, the shower, the swimming pool, a lake, a river, or the ocean. It’s the first and only Lomographic in-the-water camera, and it can go as deep down as 4 meters (12 feet). So put on your swimsuit, grab the Frogeye, and get wet. With the Frogeye’s full, wide-angle lens and precise built-in flash, who knows what dazzling images you’ll come up with when you return to the surface.

Amphibious functionality and good looks
Lens: 27mm f/5.6, water resistant
Flash: electronic, built-in
Waterproof: up to 4 meters (12 feet)
Rubber water-tight seals
Pop up “gunsight” viewfinder
Power source: 2 “AAA” batteries
Film transport and rewind: automatic


Size: 120mm x 80mm x 40mm (4.7” x 3.15” x 1.6”)
Weight: 205g (0.45lb) without flash and batteries


Frogeye camera
Neoprene underwater case
Elastic wrist strap
1 x 35mm film
2 x “AAA” batteries
Multilingual instructions
“Underwater Lomography” photo booklet
Cleaning and servicing kit

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